My Story

Since I was a kid I had an innate passion to create. Today, I carry that passion with as I help clients create strong brand strategies and impactful content. I am fueled by solving problems and connecting with my clients. As a business owner, I know that investing in your business is a big deal, that is why I approach each every client as if their business is my own business.


“I help passionate individuals and businesses clarify their identity. The end result is renewed confidence in themselves and their business.”

-Bryton Udy

After graduating with a major in Marketing and a Minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship I started my own Marketing Company, Vint Marketing, in the spring of 2016. Since then I have been helping clients build their brands through strategic brand systems, graphic design, video, photo, and social media strategies that share the story of their brands.

Currently I split my time between helping clients transform their brands and boost their marketing and as a cofounder of Play4Them, a fundraising platform focused on gamifying charitable events.