3 Daily "Small Biz" Marketing To Do's

Let's face it, small businesses often have limited resources to focus on their marketing. We all know that it is a vital function of any successful business, but if you're a solo entrepreneur, contractor, shop owner or are running the family business, there are only so many hours in the day and often marketing falls to the wayside as a secondary thought. I wanted to give my fellow "small bizers" 3 simple tasks that if accomplished everyday can engage their audience, build brand awareness and ultimately grow sales.

1. Activate Your Brand First Mindset

No matter what marketing functions you are focused on whether if be social media, word of mouth or otherwise, be sure to lead with your brand. What I mean by this is that you should ensure that you stay true to your brand and remain consistent. Consistency is the name of the game! Repetition and consistency ensures that your customers and your audience know what they're getting each and every time they connect with your brand. Interacting with your brand should be an experience, so keep that in mind when you have your marketing hat on! 



As you start looking at the next two "to-do's" be sure to keep your brand front of mind and think about how you can implement these strategies making sure they reflect your brand's vision, personality and design.


2. Post on Social Media

We find that many clients find social media to be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be! As a simple rule when it comes to posting content on social media the ratio of value driven content to sales drives content should be between 80/20 and 90/10.

Examples of value driven content;

  • Stories about your brand or customers
  • Inspiring content
  • Comedic content
  • How to's and Educational Content
  • News and information based on your industry that could affect your customers

Examples of sales driven content;

  • Special offers and promotions
  • New product features

There is so much content that is available to you that has been created by other sources that may be relevant to your business and industry that you can curate on your brand's social platforms. Tools like Buffer and Later allow you to get all of your social media content scheduled for the week just by spending an hour or so curating content from other sources whether that be news sites or other platforms like YouTube.

Although original content is better, it can also can be infeasible to create a week's worth of original content every week, we know. So don't stress about making the perfect post each day. Just be sure to post each day if you can, and monitor what sort of content evokes the most reactions out of your audience so that you can post similar content in the future.


3. Upgrade Your Customer's Experience

Find something small that is a value add for your customers or clients. This can a very simple giveaway, offer or experience that you provide to your customer when they enter your store or purchase a product.

Some businesses that have mothers visiting with their children offer stickers to the kids coming in. Many car dealerships and maintenance shops offer free washer fluid top ups or car washes, making a point to add the service and its value to the final purchase order with a discount added to the bottom of the invoice showing that that specific service was complementary. Other stores, especially with food based products, offer free samples.

None of these may fit your business, but is there something small that you can do to upgrade your customer's experience? It is often the small things that a brand does to go a little bit above and beyond that sells a customer and makes them want to come back. Think about it!



These three simple tasks can help build the momentum that you are looking for your small business's marketing. If you would like to learn more about how Vint Marketing cen build marketing momentum for your business or brand, please get in touch! 




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