Things I Love | Things I’m Good At

I’m excited about the new chapter I’m about to write. I have always loved the process of creating projects, especially when it comes to visual arts and obviously music, but I never really considered myself a “Creator”. It hasn’t been until recently that I realized that it’s something I truly love to do and is a fuel that I’ve unconsciously been driven by. After realizing this, I’ve made the commitment to dive head first into content creation!

I had been feeling like I was sitting idle for a while, so I decided to run myself through a simple exercise. I drew a line down the centre of my legal pad, and wrote “things I love to do” on one side and “things I’m good at” on the other. After searching every corner of my brain for answers to these two questions, one constant started to surface. Creating. Whether it be a podcast, a video, a photography session, a website, a brand, a graphic design project, a song, a performance, a meal, whatever it is, I love creating things. This was a huge “ah-ha!” moment for me and I feel like I know myself better than I did before.

My first step in writing this chapter in my life has been repositioning myself mentally, but also professionally as well, starting with my personal brand’s website (surprising the domain wasn’t taken seeing as I have such a common name... 🤪)! If you’re looking for content creation support, shoot me an email! I’d love to chat with you! 

📷: @oliverbanyard

📷: @oliverbanyard

That’s my little rant for today! ✌🏻

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